You have a Blog. You have considered the options and decided to create the RSS feed. What are the guidelines?


Create one feed, preferably an RSS 2.0 feed.

Some blog services give the option to create multiple feeds in different versions of RSS and Atom. 

If you have the option

The only exception would be if you create two RSS 2.0 feeds

Validate your RSS Feed.

Validate your Feed.
After the RSS feed validates,
Proudly display the "RSS Valid" graphic.

Verify or add the autodiscovery parameters to the blog.

The autodiscovery parameters allow browsers and other software to recognize that the blog has an RSS feed and it makes it easier for a user to subscribe.

Verify the autodiscovery parameters if the blog service creates them.

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml"
    title="name of feed" href="Feed URL" />

Consider using Feedburner


FeedBurner is a free service for Feed Publishers. They provide a one-stop, fill-in-the-blanks service for working with your feeds.

Feed burner provides stats, features, and promotion tools for the RSS feed.

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