Encourage your blog and website visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed.  Make it easy for your visitors to subscribe.

I am surprised when I visit blogs or websites that have feeds, but have nothing on the blog or website to encourage visitors to subscribe.  It is a little like publishing an ezine with no way for people to sign-up for the ezine. This is a very easy step. There is no reason not to.


Create a hyperlink on your blog that points to your RSS Feed.  Put the link in a prominent place.

The hyperlink can be text.

The anchor text can say any of the following

That is all that is required to get started.

The hyperlink can be a graphic.

Basic Buttons:

Complete Set of RSS Buttons.

Add special links for various feed readers.

You can add special buttons for your readers for the popular RSS Readers. Many RSS Readers provide guidelines to Webmasters. The guidelines generate buttons and code that will allow your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed with ease.

RSS Reader Button Webmaster Guidelines
Bloglines Bloglines Bloglines - Webmaster Guidelines
My MSN My MSN My MSN - Webmaster Guidelines.
My Yahoo My Yahoo! My Yahoo - Webmaster Guidelines.
Chicklet Creator
This is a clever service that provides a way to generate all the HTML code for your blog or website to show all the above buttons.  Enter your feed information, all the RSS Feed readers you want to support,  and it will generate all the HTML code. 

Describe what RSS is and how it can be used.

Because RSS is new, consider adding instructions on what RSS is and how it can be helpful. You can add text or point to an article or this tutorial.

Feed 101
You can point to this excellent introductory article.
RSS Tutorial
You can point to this RSS Tutorial.

Add autodiscovery parameters to your blog or website.

Autodiscovery allows browsers and aggregators to automatically detect the RSS feed when browsing your blog or website.

Between the <head> and </head> statements, add the following statements.
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml"
    title="name of feed" href="Feed URL" />

How to add RSS Autodiscovery to your site

Special Considerations for Websites

Why Websites need Special Consideration
Consider creating a separate RSS subscription page

I suggest creating one webpage that is the RSS Subscription Page. This page should contain all the information to subscribe to the RSS feeds. The page should contain the following.

Examples of RSS Pages
RSS Page of with RSS feeds and Instructions.
ABMC Malinois Rescue
A nice page with multiple RSS Feeds with Dogs for adoption.
Time Online
RSS Feeds for TIME Online.
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