Jeremy Palmer
Quit Your Day Job
I've gone through Les' tutorial. The information is solid.
"I absolutely love the RSS Tutorail site. Thank you SO much for putting that out there! I'm just entering "RSS Land" and I made a trial feed for a free content site I'm working on and getting set to launch soon. I wish I had found your page sooner. :-("
J Bailey (a.k.a. "Cricket")
GNC Web Creations
"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to Les Bain for doing such an outstanding job of providing this training for us. I have posted his links in forums every time someone ask for help with RSS feeds and am asking that others do the same. Spread the word about helpful his tutorials are."
Kirk Hansen
"Thank you for the RSS tutorial.
For quite awhile I have felt uncomfortable about not really knowing what RSS is, and thought I should probably be using it. After reading your clear introduction I'm now pretty comfortable with what it is... Thanks for all the effort you put into the tutorial. It's undertakings like yours that make the web work."
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