Websites generally do not create RSS feeds automatically. There are various ways to create RSS feeds. One way is to use a service or program to generate the RSS feed file.


Generate the RSS Feed file using a program or service.

There are services and programs that

The Basic data

This is the recommended way to create a RSS feed from a website because generating a website feed using a service or program

Example: This is how they work.

Change any of the following values. Enter Generate RSS

RSS Feed Basic Data

RSS Feed Item Basic Data

RSS Feed Item Basic Data

Some services that Generate RSS feeds.


Enfeedia is a free online service; no software to download. In addition to the basic features of RSS, it offers advanced features consistent with RSS specifications, including easy embedding of video and images (including flickr images consistent with their terms of service), PayPal buttons, Google search tool, and more. Multiple authoring modes are provided for collaborative posting of items onto the same feed including optional moderation of postings by the feed owner.

FeedXS is a website that allows one to create and maintain multiple RSS feeds without Blogs or Websites. The service is free. The RSS Feed itself is stored on the FeedXS servers.

FeedXS has an interface that allows RSS feed items to be added using MSN Messenger by establishing a chat with the FeedXS bot. Clever!

This is a nice service. It allows one to use RSS directly without a Blog or Website. Each RSS feed item source links back to the FeedXS entry which is ok but unnecessary. It would also be nice to be able to point the source back to a URL of choice.

Some programs that Generate RSS feeds.

RSS Builder - The easy way to build news feeds and podcasts.

FeedSpring is a FREE feed generator program.

RSS Feed Creation Tool



My recommendations:

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