There is a great deal of fuss about RSS.

This tutorial will explain what the fuss is all about, and how RSS can be helpful to subscribers, webmasters, and publishers.


RSS is being implemented at many levels by GYM (Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft), the triumvirate of major Internet companies.


iGoogle Personalized Homepage
Personalize the Google homepage by adding selective content which is a set of RSS feeds.
Google Desktop Sidebar
The Google Desktop Sidebar has a feature called Web Clips which contains RSS Feeds.
Google Reader
The Google Reader is a service that aggregates RSS feeds.
Google Blog Search
The new Google blog search only includes sites that have RSS feeds.
Google Gmail
View your favorite RSS feeds right in Gmail as "Clips" along the top of your Gmail screen.
Google Alerts
Google Alerts can be delivered using either email or RSS Feeds.


My Yahoo
My Yahoo personalizes the Yahoo portal with selected RSS feeds.
Yahoo RSS White Paper
Yahoo Published a White Paper entitled: RSS - Crossing into the Mainstream.
Yahoo Toolbar
The Yahoo Toolbar Quickly adds RSS feeds to My Yahoo!
Yahoo adds RSS support to Yahoo Alerts and Yahoo Mail
A Podtech podcast about the Yahoo introduction of RSS into Yahoo Alerts and Yahoo Mail with Scott Gatz, lead RSS manager, and Ethan Diamond, lead Yahoo! Mail manager.


Windows Live
Microsoft's Live portal has an RSS feed reader.
Microsoft RSS Feeds
MSDN is now providing RSS Feeds for many of its developer centers.
Microsoft Longhorn loves RSS
Microsoft started out calling their new version of Windows Longhorn. The Microsoft IE Blog: Longhorn loves RSS.
Microsoft gives RSS a big bear hug
The large Microsoft PDC (Professional Developers Conference) in 2005 included RSS news. Bill Gate's keynote address discussed RSS.

"RSS is now a pillar of Microsoft's strategy to make loosely coupled client/server the preferred architecture to Web-based thin client computing."

RSS Tools

RSS Tools
A list of RSS Tools by Category.

RSS Discussion

Dave Winer - RSS Blog
Dave Winer was the programmer who developed RSS; this is his blog about RSS.
Google Search for RSS Feeds
A Search for RSS Feeds yields over 300 million results.

Just a few of the Major Media publishing RSS Feeds

There is obviously something major going on with RSS feeds. This tutorial will explain what the fuss is all about, and how RSS can be helpful to subscribers, webmasters, and publishers.

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