After you have an RSS feed reader and know how to subscribe to RSS feeds, how do you find feeds? There are a number of  ways to find RSS feeds on the Internet after you have exhausted Search Engines and Directories.


This is a random set of opportunities to find RSS Feeds on the Internet in addition to Search and Directories.

RSS Reading Lists

OPML - Outline Processor Markup Language. Reading Lists

When you subscribe to a number of RSS Feeds, the list of RSS feeds is typically stored in a OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file, which is another type of XML file. This OPML file is your reading list. Sometimes bloggers will refer to "my OPML" to mean the list of RSS feeds they subscribe to and read.

See OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language)

OPML RSS reading lists provide interesting options.

Popular blogs.

The following services summarize relevant, interesting, or popular blogs and feeds.  These services publish interesting or popular blog posts from a wide range of blogs.  Following these services will point to interesting individual blogs that have RSS feeds.


Memeorandum searches political blogs and combines blog posts on specific topics in a website and an RSS Feed. It is auto-updated every 5 minutes, and uncovers relevant items from thousands of news sites and blogs. There is also an RSS feed.  Watching this website will reveal interesting political blogs with RSS feeds. 


Technorati scours the web to see what people are talking about right now.

Preset RSS reading lists in RSS Feed Readers

Feed Demon.

When you download FeedDemon, it comes preset with a number of RSS Feeds. There are popular feeds in various categories, so one gets a jump start with a set of RSS Feeds.


IntraVnews and other RSS readers provide a default set of RSS Feeds to get one started.

Ego RSS Feeds

Google News.

You can create the ultimate personal RSS feed by doing the following.

Every time a news article with your name or company name appears in Google News, the feed in your RSS reader will automatically update.

Ego Searches and RSS - Article with various Search Engines that can be used to do ego searches to create RSS feeds.

Yahoo Groups

Yahoo! Groups.

Yahoo Groups now provides direct RSS feeds natively. If your preferred Yahoo Group is set for open, public viewing of the message archives, then you need only to add the extension "messages?rss=1" to the complete URL and you have a full RSS feed for that Yahoo Group.

More Information on Using RSS with Yahoo Groups

Social Media

Social Media Sites provide RSS feeds.


Want to watch Craigslist for a certain item?

Personal Web Surfing

I think the best approach is to build your RSS reading list gradually.


Recent decisions of the US Supreme Court.
The US Supreme Court decisions are maintained by the Cornell Law School.
Time Online
RSS Feeds for TIME Online
Free serialized audio books, delivered on your schedule as an RSS feed.
RSS Auction
Create extremely specialized eBay searches and subscribe to them via RSS.
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