If you have decided to put content on your website or blog using RSS - you need a script. There are various ways to get a script.


Write your own scripts.

Displaying RSS Feeds
This is an excellent article that discusses the various ways to put RSS Content on your website, including JavaScript, PHP, ASP, XSL and various services. Pros and Cons of each are discussed.

Writing your own scripts will obviously provide a way to use RSS feeds to create content, but it is the most time consuming and requires the most knowledge.

Download a general purpose script and customize it.

Free RSS to HTML PHP Script

The developers of FeedForAll have created a free RSS to HTML PHP script. This script will convert the RSS feed to HTML.

Script Features:

Script example:

Use a service that creates customized scripts.

The following services are fill-in-the-blank services. You fill in the form, and the service generates the code to add to your website to provide RSS content. They are designed to be easy to use, but you are dependent on the service.

Feed Informer
Provides a comprehensive set of tools and instructions to use RSS content on a website. Like many web services, you can do a small number for no cost. Fees apply after that. Feed Informer provides the service, the script code, and the formatting. You just need to insert the script into your website.
Feed Burner
FeedBurner offers various services to feed publishers. If you use FeedBurner already, they have a tool to display feeds on a website. FeedBurner also creates a script that can be copied and inserted into your website or blog. The FeedBurner display can be controlled using CSS. This is a free service.
Example of webpages generated using FeedBurner

Get specific scripts from feed publishers

The following are examples of sites that provide scripts for their feeds.
World Press Wire Feeds
Provides JavaScript to add RSS Feeds to your website with instructions on how to customize.
New York Times Headline News
A form is provided to signup for New York Times Headline News and construct the script to add to your website.
Example: New York Times Technical News
PR Web: Press Release News Wire
PR Web has a number of feeds available with JavaScript. Copy and paste the JavaScript code into your Web site.

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