Websites generally do not create RSS feeds automatically. There are various ways to create RSS feeds from websites. Some programs read (scrape) websites and create RSS feeds.


Programs are available that scrape a website to create a feed

Programs use the technique known as "scraping" or "screen scraping", which is reading a website, webpage screen, or HTML and creating the RSS Feed.

Programs read the website and generally create the RSS Feed as follows:

Programs do not do well trying to decide what is important or "What's New"

There are two typical characteristics of a website RSS Feed.

Each of those characteristics means that it is probably going to take manual intervention to create effective feeds.

The scrape programs are a brute force approach that do not make intelligent decisions.

The Programs are controversial because they can be used improperly.

The scrape programs are controversial because they can be used to read the website of someone else and steal the content.

I do not recommend any program, product, or system that reads the website or webpage to try to figure out what should be on the RSS Feed.  They just do not do a good job.

I certainly do not recommend these sorts of programs to steal content.

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